Yes! Yoga is for everybody every shape, size and age and we have classes of varying styles so you can find the best style to suit you. As well as our teachers are very welcoming and will support in having a great yoga class. 

Yes, absolutely yoga is for every body, shape, size and age. In our studio you can take your time and move at a pace that feels good to you. There is no pressure only encouragement. 

A water bottle and a yoga mat. 

Comfortable clothing that you can sit cross legged in.

It is nice to have your own yoga mat so please BYO yoga mat. We do have some mats for studio use if you happen to forget yours or haven’t yet purchased your own yoga mat. 

Preferably 2 hours prior.

Please arrive between 15-5 minutes before the class start time. We start our classes on time so you can rest assured we will start and finish on time. 

Classes start on time so if for any reason you can not make it to your scheduled class on time you will have to book in for another class. This respects the teacher that is taking the class as well as all of the other students in the room that are settling in for their sacred space. 

Classes can be booked through your momence app or our website. If you prefer to pay cash you can arrive early and pay for your class in cash before hand. 

We understand life happens, cancel anytime up until 2 hrs prior to your class and receive a credit back for that class. 

To make booking fair for everyone and allow others to book, no-shows & cancellations made within 2 hours of the class will be counted as ‘late cancels’ and count as a credit against your pass/membership.